February 24, 2022

More of the Usual — FHSD Board Meeting — 2/17/22 — RECAP

I will continue to split these Recaps up by the same categories they utilize in the board agenda. If you like the content: volunteer or donate. SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS School Board Recognition Week — I want to give a big thanks of appreciation to the current board for the time they have spend in their positions. Even with disagreement in policies implemented, I do …

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February 17, 2022

Virtual FHSD Board Comments 2/17/22 — Well Kinda

With the school board meeting going virtual due to the snow day, leading to the district reading comments instead of actual speaks, my five minute delay in sign up has bumped me to 19th in line. As they only make room for approximately 10 participants I’m fairly certain they won’t make it to me, but I still wanted to share …

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January 23, 2022

Questionable Decisions at FHSD Board Meeting — 1/20/22 — Recap

I have split this edition up by the same categories they utilize in the board agenda. If you like the content: volunteer or donate. SPECIAL RECOGNITIONS Congrats to all the teachers obtaining their National Board Certification or Recertification — having great teachers requires continued professional development and these teachers have shown a great commitment to their profession. A big thank …

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December 17, 2021

Outrageous – 12/16/21 FHSD Board Meeting – Recap

Last night, I had the pleasure once again to speak at the FHSD Board Meeting, to express concerns regarding Prop S. The following is what I said with links to detailed information. Lets work together to improve FHSD — Volunteer – Subscribe PROP S COMMENTS “Today I hope to bring some additional transparency to the subject of Prop S. On …

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November 22, 2021

Ridiculous and Risky FHSD School Board Censorship

Lady with freedom of speech

At the November 18, 2021 School Board meeting, FHSD board president Mary Lange directly cut off speaker Chris Brooks during public comments – when he was explaining how censorship during public forums directly infringes on first amendment rights. This type of behavior is highly concerning – in this case – Mr. Brooks isn’t wrong – he is well within his …

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