Masking & Quarantine

Given current data showing that Covid has minimal impact on children, I do not see any legitimate reason to force either masks or quarantine.


COVID-19 Vaccination is a personal choice and I believe it would be a grave mistake to require it within the student population, introducing potential and unknown risks with minimal benefit — I will fight any attempt at implementing such a mandate.

The Data

The CDC is estimating 42% of U.S. children, ages 5 -11, had Covid by June 2021, which is most likely at higher rate at this point.  With 28 Million children in that age range 94 have died (including deaths before newer treatments), and 562 were hospitalizations with the infection — it has also been shown there is a tendency for pediatric Covid deaths and hospitalizations to be accompanied by comorbidities.

Pfizer’s own vaccine study showed, out of the 2,186 participants, not a single child developed a severe illness.  The study goes on to state, “No cases of COVID-19 were observed in either the vaccine group or the placebo group in participants with evidence of prior SARS-CoV-2 infection.”


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