Stick to the Strategic Plan

The district has a well laid out and comprehensive Strategic Plan, but needs high level metrics to measure themselves by – this is their guiding light that everything else is derived from, not something to be aligned from the bottom up.

Great Teachers

No one ever thinks back on the people who impacted them and say, “Wow, I had a great Superintendent that changed my life” or “We had a really ‘cool’ building that made math so much more exciting”.  Students will continually be impacted by teacher interactions and have long term impacts. Our schools cannot continue to be excellent unless we retain the high-quality educators.  Without great teachers our district becomes a hollow shell, just shuffling students through the system.

No Critical Race Theory

The district should reject any curriculum built on CRT philosophies of the Privileged (Oppressor) vs Oppressed.  As your school board member I will vote ‘NO’ and force a debate any time something built on this philosophy comes up for approval.

No Pornography

Parents shouldn’t be worried about what kind of materials they will find next at our schools, they should be confident that age appropriate materials are beings utilized at all times.


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